We are a Guyanese based charity supporting families of all ages (0-99) using a holistic approach through family involvement and community engagement. Our aim is to promote the importance of education using a variety of approaches that addresses a number of issues affecting people in communities.

We recognise some individuals/groups are often ‘not heard’ and we are committed to work with all our partners, to both reach and remove barriers to participation for all.

We promote educational development in families by encouraging parents to make learning fun and enjoyable for their children. Continue the learning journey which started at each child’s conception, valuing and consolidating the influence of parents as their child’s first and most substantive educators. We are committed to integrating care and education through the curriculum to meet the developmental needs of individual children in a way that promotes their innate creativity, curiosity and their desire to make meaning of their world.

We are a charity that supports the needs of families by using a variety of programmes including understanding children and parent /child communication. We are aware there are issues that cause conflicts in families and provide training to encourage positive changes.

We recognise the importance of fathers and the role they play in children’s lives, we encourage fathers to attend our stay and play sessions along with specialist programs developed specifically for
fathers of ages and expectant fathers.

Family Wellbeing- We recognise that from conception, the emotional, physical and mental wellbeing of the whole family is crucial in realising the child’s full potential. We will work in partnership with families to ensure that advice and guidance proactively reduces risk, promotes safety and positive relationship.

Community Partnership- We build strong lasting relationships with all partners who work in our community/area. We are committed to sharing our expertise and learning from other in a two way process that ensures that services offered have a positive impact on all.

Volunteers Support- We believe in supporting communities by recruiting volunteers and training in a variety of services and programme so they can gain skills and knowledge to access gainful employment through job ready training.

Monitoring & evaluation- We are here to ensure that parents and carers play an active role in the planning and evaluation of services that will ensure we are providing the appropriate support to build and enhance skills and knowledge competencies.

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