CYLAN – Community Learning and Networking Foundation is a charity operating in Guyana, South America was founded to honour Cyrone and Alan Luckhoo who believed  education is the key to the future. Once it is ingrained in communities it builds  strong nations.  The name is appropriately taken from letters in both their names as they were passionate about the value of family, once learning is unlocked confidence spills over and there is a ripple effect within homes and communities enhancing education and bringing people together for a common goal.

This charity believe in the importance of education and the role of parents in the development of children’s approach to learning, by introducing further skills and knowledge supporting ways parents interact with their children in the home, opportunities to communicate better and be prepared for nursery and further education.

Parents can use the educational tools to  learn new ways to be creative, help maintain a more skilled and knowledgeable workforce and use the programs provided support learning communities in which people can explore shared ideals and enthusiasms.   There is solid evidence that learning is important for growth, health, self-esteem, empowerment and confidence.  

The charity believe in having a safe environment for children, young people and vulnerable adults.  Therefore, to ensure the safety of all participants and staff, volunteers must have a VALID police clearance before they can support families attending our programm and sessions. We aim to educate our staff to serve as competent and reliable partner in our charity, to always be welcoming and friendly giving attentive services.

Our charity provide a variety of services for organisation  statutory, voluntary, professionals and individuals who are interested in increasing their education, expertise or learning new skills and knowledge for personal and professional development.