Welcome to Sunrise Day-Care and Playgroup. We hope you find the information helpful and look forward to working with you and your family and hope you have a valuable and enjoyable time here with us.
Sunrise Day-Care and Playgroup is a part of and situated in Community Learning and Networking Family Centre. The setting offer flexible, high quality education and child-care as well as providing a range of services for all families within the local community and surrounding areas.
The day care and play group is managed by the Family Centre which is an early years early intervention --------. A range of services and activities are made available to families through the Centre programs, with child care related groups and activities taking place within the centre. The timetable of activities are advertised within the reception, and more information is available upon request.

Aim & Ethos
The aim of Sunrise Day-Care and Playgroup is to provide a safe, happy and educationally stimulating environment for all children. We are an inclusive setting; aiming to cater for the individual needs of each child whatever their age, stage and developmental. Each child will be supported by our team of caring, experienced and qualified staff.

Our nursery aims to provide:
· Flexible and balanced programs.
· An environment that is safe, stimulating and challenging to support and develop children’s needs through a play-based curriculum.
· Targeted support for each child and their family.
· Effective relationships between staff, parents and children.
· A high-quality service led by a team of highly trained and experienced staff.
Sunrise Day-Care and Playgroup achieves its aims by continually seeking the views of all involved at the setting, the parents, children and staff. We aim to continually reviewing our practices in line with the ethos and implement change through our ever-evolving improvement plan, striving to achieve a high quality and thriving nursery.
Opening Times

Sunrise Day-Care and Playgroup is open for 50 weeks a year; opening at 7am and closing by 6pm each day and offering a wide range of attendance patterns, to meet family needs.